Upcoming Workshop

Sunday, June 24th from 11:00 – 2:30PM with a 30 minute break.

Workshop will be at RIPLEY GRIER STUDIOS on the Upper West Side. I will send you the studio number two weeks prior to the workshop (or sooner – depending on your timing signing up).

Cost for each person $125

Workshop Description

Did you know that just one of your body’s miracles is the function of your breathing to gently engage deep core muscles that then nourish your spine and your skeleton?

Restoring this synchronicity and your body’s relationship with gravity results in relief from structural pain and stress from intense physical output. Your body possesses innate abilities that allow you to physically, literally LET GO!

This same mechanism helps you access resonance and a better working relationship with your body (as a singer).

This workshop will give you new tools to help you:

  • Introduce a physical warm-up and breathing technique that will also reduce stress and bring more oxygen into your body – making it easier to place the sounds you produce

  • Learn an incredible strengthening AND recovery tool to build the most optimal alignment while you sing. Waking up the core of your core – where your torso meets your limbs – using gentle, simple coaxing.

  • Remove most irregularities with pitch

  • We will wrap up the session with something called neurogenic tremoring – which will deepen the relaxation we’ve worked on. You will feel like you had a massage from the inside.

If you’re a newbie, you’ll learn how to transfer these skills to enable you to carry a tune! If you’re a more experience singer, you will deepen your connection to your body and how you make sound.

There will be gentle, hands on guidance from AlignUp Founder/Instructor, Karen Engler. Any and all exercises can be modified to suit your body.

Yoga and loose fitting comfortable clothes and a yoga mat are required. Please also bring one or two malleable pillows from home.

To Sign Up for the Workshop

This workshop is now closed.

Please email me at alignup at gmail to sign up for the workshop. Feel free to include any questions you might have. Payment for the workshop will hold your spot. You can send payment via paypal to alignupnyc at gmail dot com. Please make a note below if you need to pay another way.

I’ll send you confirmation within 12 hours (usually sooner!)

Also, feel free to send me an email if you’d like to get more information.