Upcoming Workshop

Wednesday, March 13th 2019 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Workshop will be at Rudramandir Center for Spirituality and Healing.
830 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94710

Cost: $150

“The spine and the brain are the altars of God.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Workshop Description

Did you know that just one of your body’s miracles is the function of your breathing to gently engage deep core muscles that then nourish your spine and your skeleton?

Restoring this synchronicity and your body’s relationship with gravity results in relief from structural pain and stress from intense physical output. Your body possesses innate abilities that allow you to physically, literally LET GO!

Here’s what we’ll explore together:

  • Fascia release and the ways you can let go: Breathing, alignment, and muscles are stretched by design. We close out the session with neurogenic tremoring.

  • Restore our center of gravity: Release & strengthen the hip joint—improve it’s position in order to improve the position of the spine and the way our weight comes down our bones. We also learn foolproof ways to emotionally and physically ground ourselves.

  • Deep breathing engages core muscles to support and lift our weight.

There will be gentle, hands on guidance from AlignUp Founder/Instructor, Karen Engler. Any and all exercises can be modified to suit your body.

Yoga and loose fitting comfortable clothes and a yoga mat are required. Please also bring one or two malleable pillows from home.

To Sign Up for the Workshop

Class is limited to 8-10 people. Please fill out the following form to reserve your place. If you have any questions before you register, please contact me at alignupnyc(at)gmail.com.

I will contact you within 12 hours regarding class details and payment.

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