karen engler

Karen Engler

– Founder of AlignUp (2012)

– Certified Balance Center Instructor (now called Spinefulness)

– Certified TRE Facilitator

The list beneath my photo, is really just a list of personal and physical jumping off points for me. They cover half of what informs me as an instructor when I’m working with you. Why?

Because my own pain and immobilization due to a herniated disc was really about me carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and the hurt I was processing. My journey with neurogenic tremoring was really about adapting to change, and a deep healing from painful trauma. My struggles and their fallout, opened me up to a greater opportunity for healing and evolution.

After years of resisting what I thought was a big problem with fatigue and the shame that brought, I understand that my problem was really with stress, and the fact that I’m sensitive to the ripples it brings through my body. I have to soothe the animal. Not beat it to death.

That was a game changer. I began integrating the principles I’d learned about healthy alignment in order to feel out the path to pleasure.

Pleasure isn’t a frivolous waste of time. It brought me strength that made it possible to feel and clear intense post-trauma emotions from my body. It strengthened my nervous system. I can handle anything in my life, I know I can recover. My body feels good and that ease carries over no matter where I am.

I’m incredibly grateful for the pain, the struggles, the “problems” that led me to these practices, and a pleasure-centered life. I’m grateful to my students who are willing to be vulnerable and who inspire me every time I teach. I’m deeply grateful that all of this has led to a deep and sustaining connection to Source.

How can I help you listen to the clues in your body and in your breath? How can these practices help you feel more like yourself, free, and just good?

If you’re interested in working with me, click here to arrange a quick phone conversation to determine if AlignUp would be a good fit for you.